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Macias Strategies is a Texas based, policy driven political consulting firm motivated by conservative policy outcomes in the state of Texas. We believe that the policy outcomes of state and local governments are often opposite to the social and fiscal conservative values that are held by the voters. Limited government will only be obtained through visionary, principled leadership. These are the characteristics which we look for when deciding what candidates and organizations to engage with.

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COST / Vote

We have the lowest cost-per-vote campaigns of any GOP political consulting firm in Texas


We work exclusively with true conservative Republicans and are not afraid to challenge Republicans who are actively practicing cognitive dissonance.


We are motivated by policy outcomes, not political wins.


Political instincts can't be taught or learned. You either have it or you don't. Perhaps no other consultant in Texas has better instincts than Luke Macias. His passion for conservative values makes him one of the most sought after consultants in the state. I wouldn't be where I am today without his help.

Matt Krause

Texas State Representative

Macias Strategies brought us across the finish line with an almost 11 percent lead over an entrenched incumbent. Their strategic and tactical plan cost us approximately $13 per vote while our opponent spent over $57 per vote. A "must" hire for any true Conservative who wants to win with the least amount of money and the most amount of work ethic!

Tony Tinderholt

Republican nominee for State Representative

Macias Strategies is my 'secret weapon' in my successful races for the State Board of Education. I am so blessed with the strategies and expertise of Luke Macias!

Ken Mercer

Texas State Board of Education

Luke Macias not only saved my campaign he led me to victory over a 3rd term incumbent. Our race was named the Biggest Upset in Texas Politics. His knowledge and expertise are beyond his years. His integrity and passion for conservative values are unwavering. I highly recommend Luke Macias as a campaign consultant.

Molly White

Republican nominee for State Representative

Our Team

Luke Macias

Luke Macias

Luke got into politics through his Dad who was an elected State Representative for 2 years when the moderate establishment Republicans decided to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to take him out of office. Luke learned quickly that being conservative was costly in politics and loves working to empower conservatives to win elections, and fight for conservative policy solutions for Texas. If he’s not working he’s spending time with multiple church ministries as well as his family (He has 6 siblings).

Andrew Koch

Andrew Koch

Andrew lives to see change brought to our nation. From a young age he was forced to realize that freedom comes with price and that it is being taken from the American people all the time. Born in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah Andrew has a love for simple things. His interests are military history and philosophy. Getting involved in politics was the furthest thing from Andrew's mind for many years, but after a Family Court Judge took away his family's freedom to educate at home, he knew he could not remain silent. He went on to fight that judge and win back that right. In July of 2013 Andrew fought to help pass HB 2, the landmark prolife legislation that has shut down several abortion clinics in the state of Texas. Rights of the unborn are very precious to Andrew and he strives to be as involved in prolife activism. Andrew loves what he does at Macias Strategies and plans to keep fighting to protect freedom and promote limited government.

Some of Our Clients

Some of Our Clients

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We are always looking for hard working conservatives who want to help make a change. Send us your resume and we’ll plug you in!

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